Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cleaning Paste - The Kitchen Sink

I keep thinking that I've posted my last Cleaning Paste post but then I find something else that really needs cleaning and provides some great before and after pictures (fortunately/unfortunately).

I have a stainless steel kitchen sink.  I used to use some smelly spray to get the grime off.  Now I just use a little Cleaning Paste. Here is what it looked like before.  Yuck!  (My excuse is that I wanted a good before picture.)

A little Cleaning Paste and 10 seconds later, I had this.  Notice all the grime has been transferred to the Enviro Cloth!

The other side of my sink is where the dishes dry.  This side somehow always ends up grimy as well, especially the drain area.  Gross!

A little more cleaning paste and another 10 seconds and voila!  Gunk is gone!

I did a home demo at a friend's house a few weeks ago.  She had a black sink that she thought was pretty clean.  I took my handy dandy Enviro Cloth with a little Cleaning Paste and wiped part of the sink.  She was surprised to see the grime on the Enviro Cloth.  If you have a white sink, the Cleaning Paste & Enviro Cloth combo gets most of the gunk stuck in the scratches and makes it white again.

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