Saturday, June 30, 2012

Enviro Cloth - Stained Antique Chair

This post is compliments of my friend Julia.  I love Julia's story.  She wouldn't come to my launch party because she just didn't do parties.  Well, her neighbor talked so much about how great Norwex is, that she decided to host a party.  Is she a believer now???  Absolutely!

Julia's party order arrived on Thursday.  She promptly went home and cleaned an antique chair  that her cat had been sick on over a year ago.

She had previously tried 409 carpet cleaner, hot water, a toothbrush, dish soap, and Shout and wasn't able to remove the spot.  You can probably imagine how she felt considering this was a family antique.

She used a damp Enviro Cloth (just water) and started scrubbing with the grain of the fabric.  She said she had to leave before she felt that it was done but when she returned home it was dry...

...and the stain was GONE!

Imagine how much better using just water is for the fabric of an antique chair than putting all of those chemicals on it.

The Enviro Cloth alone has been known to remove stains from carpet, clothing, and furniture.  With just WATER!  That is how amazing Norwex microfiber is.

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