Saturday, July 7, 2012

Descaler - Mineral Build-Up Around Faucet

I wish I could show you how well the Descaler worked on our shower doors but they're frosted so pictures don't show much.  We could definitely feel the build-up though.  My husband was surprised how easy it was.  Just sprayed it on and wiped it off.  We also didn't get blasted out of the bathroom by the fumes.

Instead of shower pictures, I cleaned up my bathroom sink.  I get a ring of mineral build-up around the hot water handle.

I always try to see what can be wiped away with just a wet Enviro Cloth first.   That got rid of some of the gunk but there was still the mineral build-up left behind.

I sprayed it with the Descaler and let it sit for 5 minutes.  Since I had some time and a free hand, I used the wet Enviro Cloth to wipe down the faucet, sink, counter-top, and toothpaste spots from our dark cabinetry,  all while blow-drying my hair.  All in all, a pretty productive morning.  I’m going to have to remember that trick.  I love multitasking!

Anyway, after 5 minutes were up, I used the  Envrio Cloth to wipe away the mineral build-up.  Gone!  And the rest of my bathroom looks pretty good too after just 5 minutes!

Most descalers are chemical acids.  Read the label, it's full of warnings!  Norwex Descaler is made of enzymes.  Enzymes are proteins produced by all living organisms.   Enzymes are catalyst that speed up a chemical reaction that would otherwise occur at a much slower rate, or not at all.  The enzymes break down the bigger chunks into smaller pieces, which are then digested into carbon dioxide and water and can easily be wiped away.

Since enzymes are naturally occurring, they don't harm the environment like chemical cleaners do.  Enzyme products are biodegradable and non-caustic.

Different enzymes break down different types of materials, hence the reason that we have several different enzyme products (Descaler, Mattress Cleaner, Carpet Stain Buster, Oven & Grill Cleaner, Sportszyme, Laundry Pre-Wash, Refresh Odour Neutralizer, Odour Eliminator)

**Note: Not for use on natural stone such as marble and granite.


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