Monday, August 6, 2012

Descaler - Shower Door

Just a quick note before I talk about the Descaler.  I will be attending conference this weekend!  Check back next week for a post regarding new products!

OK, back to Descaler.  I went to visit college friends a couple of weeks ago.  Linda uses Norwex products already but asked me to bring a few things to try.  One thing she wanted to try was the Descaler on her husband's shower.

The shower door is covered with lots of something.

I tried an Enviro Cloth first (on the right side).  That removed a lot of the soap scum build-up but you can still see the mineral build-up left behind.

I sprayed the left side with Descaler.  We waited 5 minutes then wiped it down with an Enviro Cloth.  The Descaler removed all of the soap scum and mineral build-up.
(left side = Descaler, right side = Enviro Cloth only)

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For more information on the Descaler and how it works, go to my previous post: Descaler - Mineral Build-Up Around Faucet.

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