Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Norwex Microfiber: 1/200th the Size of Human Hair!

Norwex has always known that their microfiber was at least 1/100th the size of a human hair.  They knew it was smaller than that, but didn't have the studies to prove it.  In the last year they have done studies on the microfiber and found it to be between 1/200th & 1/250th the size of a human hair!  Half the size they originally believed!  That is why Norwex microfiber works so well.  It is so small that it can get into all those tiny grooves that we can't feel on our surfaces.  It then lifts up EVERYTHING and hangs on to it. 

Here is a picture showing how the microfiber picks up everything from the surface and then holds onto it.

This is a picture if a piece of magnified Norwex microfiber.  From home office: "Microfiber vs. cleaning agents - Microfiber's non-abrasive wedge-shaped "cutting edges" are so fine they cut through dirt and grease and trap the waste within the fibers leaving a clean, streak-free and scratch-free surface. With conventional cloths, chemical cleaning agents are needed to breakup the surface tension holding dirt to the surface. By comparison, wedge-shaped split microfibers form tiny "cutting edges" that penetrate the dirt films to remove even microscopic dust and help eliminate the need for chemicals."

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