Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Norwex Microfiber Picks Up EVERYTHING - Protein Swab Test

I finally got my hands on some protein swabs yesterday.  From the manufacturer's website: A quick and easy way to accurately monitor the cleanliness of food equipment surfaces to help ensure food safety and product quality. This test detects any protein residues left on a surface after cleaning.

So, I "dropped" a raw chicken breast on my counter and wiped part of my counter with it.  Yuck!

Here is the protein swab before a swabbed the counter.

And here it is after I swabbed the counter where the chicken had been.  Purple means the counter is DIRTY.  The darker the purple, the dirtier the surface.

So I got my handy dandy Enviro Cloth wet (with just water) and wiped the counter with it.  I took another swab and swabbed the surface.  You can see this one came out green which means my surface is CLEAN!

The testing doesn't end here though...

Norwex claims their microfiber will hold on to the contaminants it picks up. 

So, I quickly rinsed the cloth under water, rubbed it together then wrung it out.

I wiped my son's highchair tray using the same side of the cloth I had used to wipe up the chicken yuck off of the counter.

I swabbed the tray.  It came out green meaning none of the chicken juice transferred to his highchair when I wiped it with the Enviro Cloth.  

The REAL clean!

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