Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dish Cloth

Norwex microfiber cloths are not intended for use for washing dishes.  All of the soap can render the silver ineffective.  What do you use to wash the dishes then?  The dish cloth
Here is a picture of the dish cloth.  It's quite large at 17" x 17".
Here is a closer up view of the weave.  This cloth is woven this way so that food debris doesn't get stuck and start to stink as they do in a traditional dish cloth.

So, how do you use this thing?


Fold it several times.  Now it fits nicely in your hand. 

When I wash dishes, I get it wet and put just a few drops of Norwex Dishwashing Liquid on it. 
It was hard to get a good picture of the soap in the cloth but you can see it on my fingers.  The cloth does make a nice soapy lather.  Because of the weave and the folding, you get a nice gentle scrub with it.  It won't scratch, but will scrub your tough to clean dishes.

Since food debris can easily be washed out of the cloth, you can use it for several days before you need to launder it.  Then you can launder it as you would the rest of your laundry.

Another interesting use I've heard of for this cloth is to clean the bugs off the front of cars.  Several people have mentioned using for that purpose.  I haven't tried this yet but I can see how it would work for that use.

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  1. It is against Norwex policy to have a blog advertising Norwex items which I am sure you are aware of already. This is not fair to other consultants who are following the company policy.

    1. This blog site was approved by Norwex Home Office.