Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mattress Cleaner - How it Works

Unless you are sleeping on a brand new mattress and pillow, you are never sleeping alone. 

These yucky guys move into your mattress and pillow pretty quickly.  This is a large picture of a dust mite.  They feed off of the dead skin cells that you slough off at night.  Now anything that eats, must poop.  Guess where they're pooping.  Mattresses and pillows gain 10% in weight every year because of all this poop.  GROSS!

Never fear, Norwex has a solution for you!  The Mattress Cleaner is an enzyme product that goes to work eating and composting those dead skin cells, dust mite poop, and dust mite bodies.  This removes the dust mites food source so they starve.  Once the enzymes have nothing left to eat, they break down into carbon dioxide and water leaving you with a very clean mattress! 

You only need 12 sprays for a king or queen size mattress, 8 for a double, 5 for a twin, and 1-2 for a pillow.  You can also spray stuffed animals (2 sprays) and furniture (5 for a fabric couch).  Norwex recommends spraying your mattress and pillows every 4 months.  For people who are more sensitive to dust mites, they may need to use it more often. 

For some people, snoring is caused by all of this fecal matter irritating their throats.  I have a friend who knows when to treat her mattress because her husband starts snoring again.  She's not the only one.  I have heard many similar stories.  Some call it their "marriage saver" spray. :)

What else is Mattress Cleaner great for?  Well, it's excellent at removing pet urine smell from carpets and fabric.  It also works great as a grout cleaner.  (See my previous post for pictures.)

Now, time to go get some sleep!


  1. Ooh! You were talking about me again, weren't you?
    That reminds me... I need to spray again!

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