Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carpet Stain Buster: Tough Spots

Thankfully I have friends who occasionally send me pictures of their Norwex successes because I haven't been doing much for interesting cleaning lately.  I did a lot of dusting with the dusting mitt last week (ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.) but I've blogged about that stuff already.

Anyway, my friend Amy sent me some picture last week.  Thank you, Amy!

This is where her dog threw up.  She has two very large dogs (together they weigh like 150+ lbs).  She tried another carpet cleaner on it first.  This is what she was left with.
 Then she tried the Carpet Stain Buster.  Stain is gone!  The Carpet Stain Buster is an enzyme product.  You can learn more about enzymes here.
 This is another dog puke stain but this one is over a year old.
Again, she used the Carpet Stain Buster and was able to get it out!

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