Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Drain Care: Kitchen Drain

I like to include pictures with my posts but I'll spare you this time.  Since we moved to this house over 3 years ago, we've had to have someone with a big machine unclog the kitchen drain every 9-12 months.  It gets plugged so bad that no amount of Drano can get through the gunk.  

In September, I started using the Norwex Drain Care every 6 - 8 weeks to try and keep the drain from plugging up.  It's hard to know if it's working but I did make the following observation over the last month.

In the basement we have a slop sink that uses the same drain as the kitchen sink.  Every once in a while, I fill both kitchen sinks with water then drain them at the same time to try and push as much gunk from the drain as possible.  This surge of water causes some of the gunk to back up into the slop sink in the basement.  This gunk looks and smells like vomit.  It is disgusting. 

Last week, before going to bed, I poured a spoonful of Norwex Drain Care down the drain of the slop sink and let it sit all night.  The next morning, I filled both kitchen sinks with water and drained them at the same time.  All that came up in the slop sink this time were a few clean egg shells (we eat a lot of eggs and I throw the shells in the garbage disposal).  There was no nasty odor, there was no "vomit," and there were a lot less egg shells than normal leading me to believe that the Drain Care is working really well.

Drain Care contains enzymes which are great for breaking down organic materials such as food waste but not so good at breaking down hair clogs.  Also, I have heard that it's better for preventative maintenance than for drains that are already clogged.  I haven't had a chance to try it on an already clogged drain.

From the product manual: Dissolves clogs and eliminates sluggish drains and odors. Does not contain any poisons, acids, solvents or caustics and does not create heat or fumes. Safe for use on all plastic and metal pipes, kitchen and bathroom drains, garbage disposals, septic systems and RV’s.

Also, I have been marking my container every time I use it.  So far I've used it four times and my container is still very full.  I'm not sure how many uses I will get out of it, but I'm sure I'll get at least 25-30, which will take even me a long time to use up.

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