Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Micro Hand Pad - Marks on Walls

I just recently started using the Micro Hand Pads around my house.  I've got a lot of marks on the walls to try them on.
A basket for shoes sits on the floor in this corner.  You can see all the marks left on the walls from shoes being tossed at the wall.
Here is that same corner after using the Micro Hand Pad on the walls.  Just get the Micro Hand Pad damp with water.  For small jobs, I get a corner of it wet.  For this bigger job, I got about a quarter of it wet.

I also can't tell where I scrubbed with the Micro Hand Pad.  The sheen of the paint looks the same in the scrubbed spots as it does on the rest of the wall.
Here are some marks on the wall behind a lamp in my office.
Here is that same spot after using the Micro Hand Pad.
So how does the Micro Hand Pad (on the left) compare the the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (on the right)?  I've used the Magic Eraser many times to remove marks from the wall.  I would say the Micro Hand Pad works as well as the Magic Eraser.  Both break down when used to scrub.  I tried rubbing both on a red wall with the same pressure and same number of times.  The Magic Eraser on the right took off more paint than the Micro Hand Pad.  The Magic Eraser also left a white, powdery residue on the wall that I didn't see with the Micro Hand Pad.

From the product manual
*The Micro Hand Pad does not contain cleaning chemicals.
* DO NOT USE on auto paint, polished/glossy surfaces, or brushed, satin dark or faux finishes
* USE CAUTION on painted/wood surfaces, as the Pad is abrasive
*Environmentally friendly

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