Friday, June 7, 2013

Crystal Deodorant - Care Update

Shortly after my last blog post about the crystal deodorant, I dropped it and it broke.  I could still use it but decided to start over with a new one.  I've cared for this one differently than I did the first one.  Instead of wiping it with my body cloth (which I had used the night before to wash my face) after each use, I just run it under water for a few extra seconds when I'm done using it.  I've had this deodorant for 2 months now and it still doesn't smell like BO like my old one did.  I don't know if the old one was picking up something from my body cloth (which didn't smell) that was causing it to smell or if the chemicals have worked their way out of my system.  I've heard other consultants say their Norwex crystal deodorant smelled when they first started using it but stopped after a couple of months of use.  They believe that the chemicals from their old deodorant were leaching out of their system and once their system was free of them, their deodorant stopped smelling.  I can't confirm this theory but it's an interesting one. 
Another consultant posted this pic earlier today and I thought I'd pass it on.

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