Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Enviro Cloth - Cat Vomit in Carpet

I'm sure I've blogged about using an Enviro Cloth to clean spots in the carpet but, it never hurts to write another post about how amazing the Enviro Cloth is.

Do you know what color my carpet is going to be when we have to replace this light colored stuff?  Cat vomit brown.  I'm only sorta joking about that. 

Last week, one of my cats likely ate something he shouldn't have which caused 15 hours of vomiting.
Instead of reaching for the Carpet Stain Buster, I thought I'd just try an Enviro Cloth that was wet with water.  Yes, just water.  If you haven't read about this amazing cloth, you need to read this post.
It took a little extra elbow grease than if I had sprayed the spot with Carpet Stain Buster first, but it worked and wasn't that much extra effort!  And I used just WATER!

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