Monday, July 29, 2013

Cleaning Solution Guide - Find Your Problem Here with a Link to the Solution!

This is a Table of Contents of all my blog posts to help you find the solution you need to all your cleaning dilemmas.

What is Norwex?
Microfiber  - 1/200th the size of human hair!
Video - Butter on Window and Chicken Juice Demos

General House Cleaning
--More window cleaning
Window screens
Tile floors
Spots in the carpet
--Cat yack on carpet
--Cleaning cat yack with water and Enviro Cloth
--More spots in the carpet
Dusting with the Enviro Wand
Pet hair on furniture 
Leather Shine on Metal
Ink on microfiber couch
Stains on cloth furniture
Marks on walls
Tarnished silver
Kid messes

Counters, sink, cabinets...
Glass top stove
--More glass stove top pictures
Kitchen sink
Mineral build-up from hard water
--Hard water mineral build-up from drain
Stainless steel appliances
Oven racks
Pots and pans
Fridge drip tray - Hard water build up
Rust spots on silverware
Grout using Cleaning Paste
 --Grout - Using Mattress Cleaner
Sink - Hard water mineral build-up
Corian sink
Gunk on faucet 
Tile floors
Fruits and vegetables
Drain care

Counters, cabinets, tubs, sinks...
Bathtub - Soap scum, scratches
Bathtub - Hard water mineral build-up
Shower door - Hard water mineral build-up
Rust on sink
All purpose bathroom cleaner
Grout - Using Cleaning Paste
--Grout - Using Mattress Cleaner
Sink - Hard water mineral build-up
--Drain - Hard water mineral build-up
Faucet gunk
Tile floors

Dust mites in mattresses and pillows

Fill free, dye free, fragrance free laundry detergent
--1 bag lasted 8 months! 
Dirty jacket
Spots in clothing
--Cherry juice on shorts
Washing net
Sorting kids clothes

Personal Care
Cleaning your face
Crystal deodorant
--7 months later
--Care update
--3 generations using it
Mosquito bites
Hot feet
Tired legs

Kid messes in the car

General Product Information
Micro-silver vs. nano-silver
WKOW news story - Does Norwex Really Work?
Cleaning Paste lasts a very long time
Caring for your Norwex microfiber
New products 2012
--New product Youtube videos
What are enzymes?
We're in Contact with Uncontrolled Chemicals article
Think Those Chemicals Have Been Tested? article

Getting rid of old chemicals
A Challenge - Read the label of your favorite household cleaners 
CBSNews - Scented laundry products release carcinogens, study finds
USAToday - Pregnant Women Rife with Chemicals article 
ABC - Fresno, CA: Green Cleaning Buisness Booming
Did you know...  (interesting facts about cleaning chemicals)
Did you know... (part 2)
What Toxic Chemicals is Your Body Absorbing article
I cleaned the house without chemicals!

Gift Ideas
Top 10 Norwex gift ideas
Gift ideas for kids and babies
Stocking stuffer ideas - 2012

Hosting a Party
What can you expect to get for FREE?
Bridal showers

Becoming a Consultant
Launch Party loot!
The Fresh Start program to earn more FREE stuff to get you going!
Business opportunity details
Conference 2012
Planet Green Team is #1!
Promotion - Team Coordinator
Conference 2013 - New products coming soon!

My Business
Relay for Life donation
Now shipping from Texas!

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