Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crystal Deodorant: Mosquito Bites

Did you know that Norwex Crystal Deodorant isn't just for stinky underarm pitties?  You can also use it to relive the itch caused by mosquito bites.  Yes, you heard me right.  I had heard this over the winter and finally had ample opportunities to test it this past week.

We went camping last weekend.  I HATE bug spray so I was trying something else to keep the mosquitoes away.  I would say it worked on the upper half of me but my legs and feet were not so fortunate.  I itched most of the way home.  Once I unpacked and found my Norwex Crystal Deodorant, I got it wet and started rubbing it on all of my mosquito bites.  It takes a minute or two for it to start working, but when it does, it feels so wonderful because the itching ceases.  I would say it lasts for a good 6-8 hrs. and then you need to reapply.

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