Thursday, September 26, 2013

Enviro Wand - Great New Product!

I got the new Enviro Wand last week.  I LOVE it! 

It bends, has microfiber on both sides, and attaches to your mop handle to get to those out of reach places.   Let me show you!

I started in my family room by bending it twice (it made a U shape) so it would slip over my ceiling fan blades to clean the top and both sides.  All at the same time!  Then I could wipe the bottom of the blades with the top of the wand.

This fan is 9-10 feet from the floor.

Then I flattened out one of the bends (so it made an L shape) and cleaned the top of the fan. 

Next I flattened it out and wiped around the corners at the ceiling to remove the cobwebs that like to form there.

With the Enviro Wand still flattened, I wiped this air return vent.  These always have dust and dirt on them.

I finally finished in my family room by bending it again and dusting the top of the bookshelf.  I then did the same to the top of my kitchen cabinets. 

I have cleaned all these things that are way above my head and my feet have yet to leave the floor.  No need to lug a ladder or step stool with me!

I ended my cleaning by putting a bend in the wand and cleaning the sill of this second story entry window. 

How do you clean the Enviro Wand?  The sleeve slips off so you can toss it in the washing machine like you would the rest of your microfiber!

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