Monday, October 21, 2013

Leather Shine - Outside Lights

I haven't had the Leather Shine for long but it's now one of my favorites because it makes things look new again!  Let me show you.

We put in several of these lights last year.  When they were new, they were a nice shiny black color.  The sun and rain really took their toll on them.  A couple of them stopped working and needed to be replaced but were going to look so nice and new next to these "old" faded ones.

What to do, what to do...

I thought I'd try the Leather Shine.  I did just the right half of this light and then let it sit for a few weeks.
This is what it looked like three weeks later.  Still pretty darn good!  It was exposed to lots of rain and sun in those three weeks too.
I replaced those that needed replacing and then went to town on the old ones.  Here is one before and then after I put Leather Shine on it.  It looks amazing!  My husband thought I had replaced all of them since they looked so new.  Doesn't he know by now that I don't like spending money to replace things that work?

The Leather Shine is also great on wood that needs some reviving and leather, of course.

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